Tuesday, June 05, 2012

The Pace Picks Up

With Claire feeling better and the major lawn and garden projects now behind us, we're getting back to our regular frenzied pace. Yesterday it was blogging, finishing the new volume of "When Swing Was King," painting, celebrating Barb Malek's new book and enjoying a late night visit with Mark Morin. This morning it was a morning coffee conversation with John Malek, writing the June LifeSharer letter and doing the little bit of blogging that is posted below.

And the rest of today? A bit more research for my commentary on the new WSWK volume, an afternoon presentation at Heritage Point, Claire getting a needed replacement for her cell phone, finishing our painting project, securing details for next week's Governing Board meeting, and starting in on the LifeSharer letter. That means Claire typing it up, my editing it, printing the envelopes, printing the letter, stamps for the envelopes, stuffing 'em in and mailing. The goal? Getting it to the Post Office by 5:30 tomorrow night.

Tomorrow will be sidewalk counseling and praying at the Planned Parenthood abortion mill, working on the LifeSharer letter, mowing and watering the lawn...and perhaps even a few posts on Vital Signs Blog.

But, of course, the most important take-away from all of the above is that marvelous phrase "Claire feeling better." Thank You, Lord. And thanks to all who prayed for her in these last few months.