Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Only Liberals Are Important: The Nat Hentoff Case

"When journalist Dan Rather was revealed to have poor news judgment, if not outright malice, for using fake documents to try and change the course of a presidential election, he was given a new TV show and a book deal -- not to mention a guest spot on The Daily Show. The media has even attempted a resuscitation of anti-Semite Helen Thomas, who was recently interviewed in Playboy."

Those are much different reactions than the ones given to Nat Hentoff, skilled writer, famed civil libertarian advocate, and one of America's premier jazz critics, when he experienced a dramatic life change. For Hentoff's change was politically-incorrect to the max. He had become a pro-lifer.

"Hentoff, a Guggenheim fellow and author of dozens of books, was a pariah. Several of his colleagues at the Village Voice, which had run his column since the 1950s, stopped talking to him. When the National Press Foundation wanted to give him a lifetime achievement award, there was a bitter debate amongst members whether Hentoff should even be honored (he was). Then they stopped running his columns. You heard his name less and less. In December 2008, the Village Voice officially let him go."

Read more of Mark Judge's excellent article "Blackballing Nat Hentoff" right here.