Thursday, May 10, 2012

Nebraska Right to Life Endorsements

Also for your consideration in the upcoming Nebraska elections, I'm passing along the endorsement list of Nebraska Right to Life.

President -- Mitt Romney.

U. S. Senate -- Don Stenberg, Deb Fischer, Jon Bruning and Pat Flynn.

Congressional candidates -- Lee Terry, Jeff Fortenberry, and Adrian Smith.

State legislature candidates -- Dan Watermeir (District 1), Bill Kintner and R. Paul Lambert (District 2); Scott Price (District 3); Jeremiah Nordquist (District 7); Erica Fish (District 9); Dave Bloomfield (District 17); William Goodpasture (District 19); Mike Hilgers (District 21); Jerry Johnson (District 23); Colby Coash (District 27); Mike Simth and Larry Zimmerman (District 29); Acela Turco (District 31); Marvin "Butch" Hughes (District 33); Beau McCoy (District 39); Kate Sullivan (District 41); Cash Ostrander and John Ravenscroft (District 43); Richard Carter (District 45); John Murante and Frank Wellenstein (District 49).

University Board of Regents -- David Copple and Jim Pillen (District 3); Lavon Heidemann, Mike Jones and Robert Prokop (District 5); Mark Lakers District 8)

State Board of Education -- Bob van Valkenburg (District 1); Mark Quandahl (District 2); and Tom Schommer (District 3)