Monday, April 16, 2012

When Pro-Life Advocates Differ

Pro-life state senators Tony Fulton, Beau McCoy, Pete Pirsch, Lydia Brasch, Chris Langemeier, and Dave Bloomfield (not to mention, pro-life Governor Dave Heineman) are among those who are taking flak from unexpected sources over their opposition to LB 599, a bill before the Unicameral that would release state funds for certain uses by illegal immigrants, including prenatal care. 

Indeed, there are some within the pro-life camp who are suggesting that these public servants are acting in a way that is coarse and inconsistent with the pro-life principles that have otherwise guided their careers.

However, LB 599 represents what is, at the very least, a complex and problematic piece of legislation with informed, sincere and principled pro-life advocates appearing on both sides of the bill. Indeed, with the revelation that LB 599 could possibly result in funds going to Planned Parenthood, even more pro-lifers will end up opposing it. 

Therefore, I'd like to go on record as accepting in good faith the positions of Governor Heineman and other pro-life stalwarts in Nebraska's state government who oppose LB 599. He and the others I mentioned at the start of this post have been terrific pro-life champions and I consider them to remain in that noble standing.