Thursday, April 26, 2012

Barack Obama: The Master of Spin and Spend

Regarding Dreams From My Father, Barack Obama's autobiography that many believe was not written by Barack Obama, Michael Walsh has several fascinating insights in his NRO column. Do read in all but let this paragraph be a teaser.

You may recall that, having failed to finish his book on time and having blown through a remarkable six-figure advance and had his contract canceled by Simon and Schuster, Obama was faced with the prospect of paying back the money. So Dystel saved his bacon by negotiating a smaller $40,000 advance — for a first-time proven failure at fulfilling an author’s basic responsibility to his publisher! — with Times Books, which he then spent in part on a trip to Bali, thus prefiguring BHO II’s passion for exotic vacations at other people’s expense. Somehow, he finished the book — which bears little or no stylistic resemblance to anything he’s written before or since — and it finally was published in 1995 to middling response.