Monday, April 16, 2012

The Adventure of Christian Chivalry

In looking over the schedule, I see that a couple of my upcoming speaking engagements will be to audiences of Christian men. One is the monthly meeting of the men of a local evangelical church and the other is a city-wide prayer breakfast. I suspect that the invitations to both events were prompted by my involvement in the recent Conquest event down in Lincoln that was sponsored by FreedMen. I had a wonderful time down there (both as a speaker and as one of the 2200 that benefited from the teaching, inspiration and accountability the Conquest offered) and I'm pleased that my participation there is kindling other actions.

My topic in both of the upcoming events will be "Knights in Shining Armor: The Adventure of Christian Chivalry." It's an interesting, uplifting subject that includes a description of the chivalric code, its roots in Christianity, its timeliness to today's Christian man and the high nobility of passing the code along to our sons. It's also a topic for which I have a deep and longstanding attachment -- from my childhood ideals through my conversion to Christianity, from my experience as a historian through my convictions as a Christian activist. It is a topic which highlights the virtues of faith, wisdom, courage, chastity, courtesy, loyalty, a high regard for women, a commitment to the defense of the innocent and needy, and the willingness to pursue a holy quest.

It's a theme rich in inspiration and spiritual relevance -- and I'm very much looking forward to exploring it with these men.

Indeed, if readers of Vital Signs Blog are interested in having me address the same topic with the men of their church, the youth of their church, or anyone else (it can be adapted for just about any Christian audience), please zip us a line and we'll see if we can fit it into the schedule. Contact Denny or Claire at