Friday, April 20, 2012

30 Years and Counting. How Has Vital Signs Survived?

In recent contacts with long time pro-life colleagues from other parts of the country, we’ve been reminded once again of just how unusual is the very existence of Vital Signs Ministries, let alone the fact that, after 30 years and counting, we are busier than ever and still in the very thick of the culture wars. 

So many of the local pro-life groups that dotted the American landscape in the 1980’s have disappeared altogether – even several of the national ones.  And remember how VSM started as a Christian Action Council chapter back in 1982?  There were eventually over a hundred active chapters in the U.S. but, alas, we know of no CAC chapters that are yet around.

Why has Vital Signs survived?  With all of the coarsening of American society, the compassion fatigue, the disillusionment, the declining economy, the general failure of evangelical  leadership (especially the clergy) to effectively engage the life issues – how has Vital Signs managed to navigate all of the troubled waters and stay on course?

To find out the answer to those questions, read this month's Vital Signs letter over at our website.