Friday, April 20, 2012

"3 for 5" vs Planned Parenthood -- Update

What's the latest latest on our "3 for 5" prayer project to oppose Planned Parenthood? Well, here's one of yesterday's responses. It comes from Brad Mattes, a pro-life colleague whose service in behalf of the sanctity of life has been, for many years now, of a brilliant quality.


Thanks for your recent letter outlining "3 for 5".  I agree that prayer is our most effective tool against abortion, and will dedicate one of my daily radio commentaries to this topic.  We’ll record it next week for airing the following week.  It airs on nearly 1,100 radio stations, so we should be able to help you get the word out.  We’ll provide a link to your website on our daily broadcast link at

Blessings on your life-saving work,
Brad Mattes, Host
Life Issues