Friday, March 23, 2012

Weekend Prayer Targets

We would certainly appreciate a prayer (as the Lord brings us to your mind) for these things over the weekend:

* I'll be honored to lead the audience of today's Rally for Religious Freedom in the closing prayer. The rally will be from noon until 1 this afternoon downtown at the U.S. District Court (111 So. 18th Plaza).

* We have a presentation of "When Swing Was King" this afternoon (our 4th this week).

* Don't forget Friday's focus on prayer as outlined in the "3 for 5" campaign against Planned Parenthood.

* Saturday morning, we will be praying and sidewalk counseling at the Planned Parenthood abortion mill.

* I will taking a small part in a big rally on Saturday in Lincoln. The day-long event is sponsored by FreedMen and will involve some 2500 men and boys from all over Nebraska. I was requested to present the case against Planned Parenthood as part of an afternoon panel dealing with the Christian voice in the public square.

* As usual, I'll be preaching at Faith Bible Church on Sunday morning.