Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Rally for Religious Freedom This Friday!

You've probably heard about the Stand Up for Religious Freedom rallies that are occurring all over the U.S. this coming Friday. They represent the swelling of public opposition to the power grab of big government (with, of course, the administration of Barack Obama doing the most egregious grabbing of all) as it takes away our previously protected freedoms of religious expression, conscience rights and more.

These Stand Up for Religious Freedom rallies are a very good thing. And, in view of Team Obama's coercive and wildly unconstitutional mandates put into the new "healthcare" program -- mandates which would force pro-life citizens into promoting, paying for and even participating in abortion and other evils -- such rallies are severely needed.

And...there's going to be one right here in Omaha.

I'll be among those taking a few minutes to address the crowd (and I'm sure praying it will be a sizable crowd at that) which will be gathered at noon this Friday at the U.S. District Court, 111 So. 18th Plaza, Omaha. The rally is only an hour long so please try and make it if you can. Your presence will send a very important message and will be a great opportunity for you to get charged up for the battles ahead.

So come on down. Come early -- you know how parking is downtown -- and be ready to pray, to hear from some compelling speakers, and to be a part of sending a loud message to governments in Washington, in the Unicameral and even in the Omaha City Council.