Tuesday, February 28, 2012

"When Swing Was King" Lives in the Present Too

Ida Mae was having her hair done and was therefore very late in getting to our "When Swing Was King" presentation at the nursing home yesterday afternoon. Well, yes, she did catch the last 3 or 4 songs but that wasn't nearly enough for her. After all, she loves the big band music we play; she loves the memories of dancing with her husband that the program brings back; and, quite frankly, she loves us too. 

But things worked out okay as she and a few others stayed around to talk while we packed up all of our gear. In fact, we sat down for awhile just to visit -- another aspect of our ministry in the nursing homes and assisted living centers that we know is very important. Ida Mae (who is proudly 94 years old) talked about the days when she and her husband danced to all the bands that came through town. Both the local ones and the famous ones. It didn't matter; they loved music and they loved dancing. "When some of them came, I used to make an entrance with a high leg kick and the boys in the band would say, 'Okay, Ida Mae's here. Let's get started!'"

The activity directors (two very caring young women) got in on a bit of our conversation and they were enjoying the ladies' reminiscences quite a bit too. To hear these seniors tell stories of their lives is a wonderful learning experience and we never tire of it. However, many these folks are not only interested in the past -- they're very much into what's happening now as well. Yesterday's conversation, for instance, touched on a variety of topics: how we started "When Swing Was King," modern hair styles, the food at the nursing home, my being a preacher, and a computer class one lady was taking.

Great music. Interesting photos. Fun trivia. Cherished memories. New stories. And people of different generations and backgrounds blessing each other with love and respect. These are the things that make "When Swing Was King" such a delightful and important ministry. And any time you want to join us, you're most welcome.