Thursday, February 16, 2012

Smiles Can Make All the Difference

Yesterday was a hectic day but, thankfully, one which was rich in smiles to help us through.

There were, for instance, numerous smiles from people driving by as we carried our our pro-life baby signs in front of Planned Parenthood's grisly abortion business. As tough a duty as that always is, those smiles do help. I especially treasured the ones from a pretty Asian girl woman driving her SUV and her daughter in the back seat (maybe 7) who smiled and waved for all she was worth. They provided a wonderful sanity check and spiritual encouragement.

There were others too throughout the day which provided the same things. The smile Quint Coppi had when he talked about a book we had given him, a childhood favorite about Alaskan sled dogs that he had read again after 70 years and found immensely enjoyable. The smile Claire gave me when she saw I was getting along (fairly) comfortably with the new Mac. The smiles we got from the residents of Autumn Pointe, the nursing home in Ft. Calhoun, after we had finished the "When Swing Was King" there.

Oh yes, smiles can make a tremendous difference in improving one's quality of life -- the one receiving the smiles and the one providing them too. So, brush up on your smile skills and use them liberally throughout the day. You'll see what I mean.