Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Responding with Letters...and Prayer

We were invited to a special letter-writing evening down at Quint & Carol Coppis' home in Papillion last night. It was organized as a response to the upcoming resolution of the Omaha City Council which would grant special privileges in the workplace for persons identifying themselves as homosexual, bisexual, etc.

Our letters to the 7 Council members urged them to vote against this resolution. We emphasized that, given existing law which ably protects persons from unjust discrimination, the new resolution's goals were clearly unnecessary and, to say the least, morally problematic.

The new resolution isn't about justice; it's political theater.

The Coppi's are experienced at the letter-writing game and had everything laid out for a precise, prayerful evening. But, honestly, it's not that hard a thing to get going and they would be the first to urge you to do the same. They invited friends from their church (and us), provided stamps and stationery, and served coffee and cookies as a treat after we were done.

And we deserved those cookies too. For within 90 minutes, the ten of us had produced over 70 courteous, handwritten letters.

Your letters to the Omaha City Council are in order too, of course. See this Vital Signs post for more info as well as a contact page --- and this post for some tips on letter-writing itself.