Friday, February 17, 2012

Omaha's City Council & the LGBT Resolution

Dave Gehrls, who is with Christ For The City, has described some hopeful developments regarding the Omaha City Council's expected vote on the same special rights for "LGBT" persons that was so narrowly defeated last year.

Dave mentions the substitute resolution which was introduced by City Councilpersons Jean Stothert, Thomas Mulligan and Garry Gernandt which expressed a general support of inclusive workplaces. It passed unanimously. However,  Councilman Ben Gray has said that he will still press for his "Equal Employment Ordinance" on the 28th with a public hearing on March 6th and a vote as soon as March 13th.

Dave points out that Gray's intransigence proves that his version is focused on garnering special attention (and special privileges) to the LGBT "community." But the passage of the other resolution gives Council members a responsible out from Gray's pressure. Also, the Chamber of Commerce, which was leaning towards supporting Gray's ordinance, might now see that they also took the high road by already supporting the Stothert resolution.

Prayers and letters and phone calls are still desperately needed. Here is the City Council page for contact information.