Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Omaha Alert: Upcoming Pro-Life Talk by John Eidsmoe

Colonel John Eidsmoe (author, constitutional law professor, debater and a Third Degree Black Belt) will be in Omaha on Friday, January 20 to talk about the latest legal and political efforts being made across the country to defend the sanctity of life. And because there will be an extended time for questions and answers, Colonel Eidsmoe will probably cover a whole lot of of other topics relevant to the culture wars we're engaged in.

The meeting (arranged by Dominion Covenant Church and Biblical Blueprints and co-sponsored by Vital Signs Ministries) will be at the Valentino’s Restaurant at 101st and Maple. There is no charge for the presentation except paying for your own meal. The event will begin at 6:30 with Colonel Eidsmoe beginning around 7.

We're sure you'll find the evening a provocative and encouraging one so please plan on joining us.