Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The Obamas' World of Wonderland

Jack Niewold, the author of Frail Web of Intention, weighs in on the attitudes emanating from 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

One of the habits of the current occupants of the White House that has struck many Americans as inappropriate is the Neronian splendor and detachment that seems to have set in with the Obamas. The Alice in Wonderland party now coming to light is yet another example of this, to be added to constant vacationing, the opulent cuisine, the cheap Paul McCartney Bush slanders, and the palpable condescension of these aristocrats for those "beneath" them. Think of the frisson of delight felt by Michelle when she contemplated being addressed as "Your Excellency." 

This is not a matter of harmless peccadilloes. 

As with most liberals, theirs is a world of two sets of values: those for themselves, which are warranted by their imputed grandeur and superior morals, and those for the rest of us, who are subjects more than citizens. Like the debauchees in the Satyricon, our progressive grandees have really come to believe that their elevated spirits will render the empire safe, so it is merely a distraction to mock and impersonate the legions and centurions shivering at the northern marches.