Monday, December 19, 2011

Vital Signs -- On the Road to Christmas

A few Vital Signs Ministries notes --

* Last week's quarterly Board meeting went well. We aren't in the greatest shape financially (who is?) but we were all still quite encouraged by the impact of Vital Signs Ministries this past year. Examples? The traffic on Vital Signs Blog is doing unexpectedly well (over 130,00 page loads); the development of our Russian-language web site is increasing in speed and quality; we are continuing our prayer and sidewalk counseling services; we've been able to be of service to the new coalition of which we are a part, Nebraskans Against Planned Parenthood; and the success of "When Swing Was King" has been phenomenal.

* Speaking of "When Swing Was King," you still have a few opportunities to experience the Christmas version. We will be presenting it this afternoon at 2:30 at Skyline nursing home (the west section), then tomorrow at 3:00 at Walnut Grove, then Wednesday at 1:00 at Mercy Villa, and finally on Christmas morning at Faith Bible Church during their Sunday school hour from 9 to 10. That would make a nice Christmas treat for those of you going to services on Saturday night or later on Sunday morning. Indeed, you would be more than welcome to joins us for Sunday morning services at 10:30 where I'll be preaching.

* The December LifeSharer letter is up from Vital Signs Ministries. In it you'll find a quick update on our recent work as well as a commentary about Christmas gifts. Interesting stuff.