Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Give the Persecuted Church a Christmas Gift

Along with prayers for the persecuted Church and engaging in advocacy efforts in their behalf, you can also utilize the projects created by such groups as Voice of the Martyrs to provide direct assistance. For instance, you can help Christians in North Africa by supporting Voice of the Martyr's 2011 Christmas Care project.

For a gift of $25, you can sponsor a Christmas Care Pack for a North African child who lives in an area where Christians are persecuted. Each pack includes items such as clothing, toiletries and school supplies as well as a gospel storybook to help encourage children in their faith.

Each pack contains:
* New set of clothing
* Toiletries, including soap, toothpaste and toothbrush
* School supplies, including a notebook, pens and crayons
* Treats, vitamins and a toy
* Christian books and coloring books

You can also help North African evangelists spread the gospel throughout the region by sponsoring a Village Outreach Pack. Your gift of $75 will provide church leaders with a small library of gospel materials. We will distribute 3,000 packs to pastors and evangelists, who will use them to learn more about preaching sermons, teaching others and studying the Bible. These materials will help them share the gospel more effectively with those around them.

Each Village Outreach Pack includes:
* DVD player* Christian DVDs*
* Tracts
* Bibles
* Christian literature

To help out, just follow this link.