Friday, December 02, 2011

After Too Many Hard Left Turns, the Girl Scouts Are Lost

I'm afraid I missed it this first time around (our 40th anniversary trip to Branson and all) but Rebecca Hagelin did a review for the Washington Times about the Girl Scout's national convention down in Houston early last month. And I'm afraid that what she saw suggests that the bad news I've been bringing you about the organization over the years (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, etc.) isn't getting any better. Writes Hagelin:

A quick look at the lineup of speakers for the convention makes it clear that Girl Scout leaders are promoting not the traditional values of the original Girl Scouts, but the radical, raunchy values and relativistic decision-making of the trendy left-wing Girl Scouts..

The women showcased at this year’s convention - held up as models of leadership and inspiration - reveal an agenda-driven organization. The speakers include:

* Swanee Hunt, a powerful Democratic fundraiser and philanthropist with a mission to achieve “gender parity.” She has directed huge sums to homosexual and pro-choice causes.

* Annise Parker, mayor of Houston and a lesbian who presided over the opening of a Planned Parenthood abortion center in her city.

* Marlee Matlin, an actress and supporter of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender issues, who is known for her portrayal of a deaf lesbian on Showtime’s “The L word.”

* Monique Coleman, a singer and actress (star of Disney’s popular “High School Musical” films) who promotes organizations such as South Africa’s Love Life - a program aimed at teaching adolescents how to assert their sexual and reproductive rights.

Parents who are trying to instill timeless values and strong morals in their daughters would never want them to idolize Monique Coleman and her trash talk, or to find inspiration in a Girl Scout “Woman of Distinction” like Ann Shoket, editor of Seventeen magazine - a publication that encourages teen sex as an “amazing experience.”

Most parents, however, don’t know the true agenda of today’s Girl Scouts...

Need more? Finish reading Hagelin's account here and then check out the links given above from previous Vital Signs Blog posts. And pass the word. The Girl Scouts have dishonored their heritage and sold out. Indeed, they are now taking an active role in promoting cultural devolution. Avoid 'em at all costs.