Friday, November 11, 2011

Ronald Reagan Rescues Nurse from Armed Mugger

Many of the real-life stories about Ronald Reagan make the made-up stories of Horatio Alger, G.A. Henty and Mark Twain rather pale in comparison. And yet, the liberal establishment in America (media and education) have consciously refused to publicize these heartwarming, inspirational events.

However, as I've said many times before, don't let the left's bias keep you from telling your children and grandchildren these compelling stories about one of our nation's most genuine "good guys."

Stories like this one...

The story takes place on an autumn evening in 1933, in Des Moines, Iowa.

Melba King was a 22-year old nursing student, and was walking home one evening when she was approached by a mugger with a gun who demanded her money. Reagan, then working as a local radio sportscaster, espied the confrontation from his second-story rented room. Leaning out the window with a .45 caliber revolver, Reagan sternly directed the mugger to "leave her alone or I`ll shoot you right between the shoulders." The mugger ran off, and Reagan calmed the woman, escorting her home safely.

Melba King did not encounter Reagan again until 1984, at an Iowa political rally. Iowa governor Terry Branstad knew of the incident and invited King to the event to surprise Reagan. After King and Reagan hugged on stage, Reagan laughed and told the crowd, "This is the first time I`ve had a chance to tell you the gun was empty. I didn`t have any cartridges. If he hadn`t run when I told him to, I was going to have to throw it at him."

Hear Reagan tell the story in his own words here. There's also some fascinating added details about how the story first came out, details that stress Reagan's character, empathy and modesty.

Lord, give us more like him. And soon.