Friday, November 25, 2011

On Thanksgiving, Obama Gives No Thanks to God?

The Thanksgiving radio address the U.S. President gives to the public had an unusual twist this year -- there was absolutely no religious reference in it. For a holiday specifically born of Christianity and carrying centuries of religious significance in its wake, Barack Obama's omission of God in the Thanksgiving message was yet another signal of just how boldly secularist is his vision of America.

Was it a political gaffe? Of course. It is, after all, an election year and the President is suffering terribly in the polls. So he certainly doesn't need another reason for Americans to be disappointed (let alone, offended) with him. Nor does he need more criticism about his lack of historical understanding, his insensitivity to practicing Christians, or his political naivete. For even though the mainstream media is trying desperately to spin this story to the detriment of conservatives (How dare we express indignation over Obama's irreligious speech?), the fact remains that the President needlessly drew negative attention to himself by this strange omission.

But was it only a political gaffe? I think not. For throughout his presidency, Barack Obama has been quite deliberate, even arrogantly so, in his denigration of America's religious history. He has shown similar boldness in his revisions of Christianity, the Bible, the teachings and history of Islam, the Constitution, the scientific realities of embryology, and so on.

No, indeed. This President may be a bungler. He may be lazy and easily distracted. He may be over his head and without a clue when it comes to the business of running the United States. But regardless of polls, politics or economics, Barack Obama does have a set of core beliefs that he religiously (pun intended) sticks to. That's why he is willing to shut down the government to keep taxpayer money going to Planned Parenthood. That's why he ignores the Constitution and the clearly proscribed duties of the Presidency in refusing to defend the Defense of Marriage Act. That's why he continues to lie, threaten, and manipulate the machinery of government in order to force unpopular and unbearably expensive wealth distribution schemes on the American public.

And that's why he dares to prepare a Thanksgiving address that refuses to acknowledge God or even the religious foundations of the holiday.

This guy is incompetent; after three terrible years, there's no doubt about that. But Barack Obama remains a man with a plan and he is as dedicated to it as the day he walked into the White House. That plan, ladies and gentlemen, is nothing less than the extreme makeover of America into a dramatically post-Christian Nanny State.

I'm not willing to let that happen without a principled, spirited fight. How about you?

Thanks be to God -- that's the answer I was hoping for. Let's get after it!