Wednesday, November 23, 2011

The DMV Office: Driver's License, Auto Registration and...HIV Tests?

I suppose you could say it's a horrid sign of horrid times but in Washington, D. C. they've begun providing HIV testing at the Department of Motor Vehicles office. Hey, you folks are waiting anyway, right? Why not get your STD test right here where it's so convenient?

In fact, city officials have taken it a step further and are now offering HIV testing at a government office where Washington residents register for food stamps, Medicaid and other welfare benefits. Hey, you can even get a 5-dollar gift card for having the test and 7 dollars off your DMV costs.

By now, the four people who run the program at the DMV office have their pitch for testing down. When people are on line, one of the testers approaches with the offer: free tests, money off your bill, and the promise that it won’t hurt. “We don’t do blood. We do swabs,” tester Karen Johnson tells patrons, explaining that the test of their saliva takes 20 minutes and that participants will not lose their place in the DMV line.