Tuesday, October 18, 2011

True Fiscal Responsibility: Frank Wolf Calls Out Grover Norquist

Chuck Colson drew attention today to Virginia Congressman Frank wolf's recent actions in opposing the stubborn, unsavory and extremely expensive character of anti-tax guru, Grover Norquist. Given Norquist's incredible power in Washington (and especially in the Republican/Conservative community), Wolf's speech on the House floor, accompanied by a detailed report made available online, was a very brave action. But because Frank Wolf is a man of genuine integrity and wisdom, he took on the task.

The least we can do is read his remarks and heed the Congressman's warnings. Norquist is, at the very least, distorting the principles of fiscal responsibility, using conservative rhetoric to shore up incumbent power and to deny opportunities for making the tax system efficient and fair.

I'd also suggest that you let your own Congressman and Senators know you are in agreement with Frank Wolf and that you're going to be very displeased with politicians who jump at Grover Norquist's bidding.

On this page you'll find both Congressman Wolf's floor speech and the more detailed written report. And over here is the Chuck Colson story that alerted me to it.