Tuesday, October 18, 2011

More Letters for Life

Here's a few more from last week's letter-writing party that I described yesterday. As I mentioned in that post, the contact information is available at the Vital Signs Ministries web site for all of you (and I hope there's a lot) who are moved to write a few letters of your own. C'mon, let's do a bit less whining and a lot more shining!

Regarding the support given Planned Parenthood by businesses:

Dear Mr. Watson [Chevron],

Please end your corporate support for Planned Parenthood, the nation’s largest abortion business.  It is an extremely profitable business (plus it receives government money – another outrage) so it doesn’t need your support.

And a business that kills unborn boys and girls, promotes promiscuity for youth, and lies to both the government and the public about how they’ve misused taxpayer funds doesn’t deserve your support.

Until Chevron ends the bizarre partnership, we cannot patronize your business.  And we’re passing the word.

Regarding internet gambling:

Dear Congressman Terry,

Just a quick word to express my stern opposition to any efforts to decriminalize internet gambling.  The recent debacle with FULL TILT POKER in which the celebrity-owners of the company cheated customers out of millions shows just how dangerous these schemes are – even when they supposedly fit under existing law.  To start decriminalizing this shady, exploitative business would be a disaster.

I write as someone whose family was devastated by legal gambling.  The heartbreak, the financial chaos, and the shame all created a ripple effect which we still wrestle with, many years after the huge losses a family member lost to legal casinos.

Regarding Komen for the Cure's partnership with Planned Parenthood:

Dear Komen officials,

The word is getting out more and more about Komen for the Cure’s inexplicable and shameful partnership with the nation’s #1 abortionist, Planned Parenthood. The good name you have established is eroding in many parts of the community because of this unconscionable link.  There’s absolutely no reason for Komen to be involved with Planned Parenthood.  Please stop.

Regarding the Girl Scouts of America's partnership with Planned Parenthood:

Dear Girl Scouts,

Please discontinue the partnership your once-notable organization has established with Planned Parenthood, the nation’s leading abortionist and promoter of promiscuity among youth.

What an irrational and shameful link to establish between the GSA and this ugly abortion business. Please recover your good name by breaking this sad partnership.

Regarding Home Depot's support of homosexual parades, etc:

Dear Home Depot,

After reading material (from several sources) about your company’s over-the-top promotion of
homosexual activism, we must write and inform you we’re no longer patronizing Home Depot stores or services.