Friday, September 30, 2011

Vital Signs in Russian?

With my Mom's needs taking so much time, I haven't been out of the country for almost three years. But that doesn't mean the international impact of Vital Signs Ministries wasn't going on apace.

For instance, take a quick look at this list of places:

Yekaterinburg, Russian Federation -- Tiraspol Republic of Moldova -- Moscow, Russian Federation -- Saanichton, British Columbia -- Minsk, Belarus -- Kiev, Ukraine -- Murmansk, Russian Federation -- Los Angeles, California -- Jalandhar, India -- Elektrostal, Russian Federation -- Birkirkara, Malta -- Kiev, Ukraine -- Moscow, Russian Federation -- Mariupol, Ukraine -- Minsk, Belarus -- Sharjah, United Arab Emirates -- Kiev, Ukraine -- London, United Kingdom -- Moscow, Russian Federation -- Nizhniy Novgorod, Russian Federation -- Angarsk, Russian Federation -- Lexington, South Carolina -- Yekaterinburg, Russian Federation -- Gomel,  Belarus -- Orenburg, Russian Federation -- Moscow, Russian Federation -- Barnaul, Russian Federation --

What do they have in common?

They are all places where inquiring minds have connected in the last two days to articles contained in Vital Signs Ministries' Russian-language site. And those represent only a few. Our numbers show well over 600 hits in the month of September alone. Great, huh?

Here's a few of the articles they're reading:

«Мои мысли – мои скакуны»
«Так что же происходит в момент зачатия и после?»
Ранние стадии развития человека
Размышленяя о вечности и морали
Что проку от страданий?
Библия о еще не рожденных детях
Вечные проблемы сторонника дела Божьего
Сила истины
День Святого Патрика
Доктринальное утверждение миссии
Ru-486 Очень Опасный Препарат

There's English language material at the site too with more articles (in both languages) being added all the time. Articles about abortion and the prenatal development of the child are our most popular but we present other pro-life material too plus sermons and Bible study helps.

So please keep this arena of Vital Signs Ministries in prayer, okay? Perhaps you might even consider mentioning this outreach to your church pastor or missions committee and asking if they'd like to be a part. And, of course, Vital Signs Ministries is always deeply grateful for individual donations. That's how we're able to keep the Russian-language site, the VSM site, Vital Signs Blog, the sidewalk counseling, "When Swing Was King," the actions against Planned Parenthood, the letter-writing nights, the education and discipleship programs, and everything else going. Your help is of tremendous value.