Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Liberal Angst: Driven by the Furies

"I hate George Bush," wrote Jonathan Chait in 2003. "I hate the way he walks ... I hate the way he talks ... I have friends who have a viscerally hostile reaction to the sound of his voice, or describe his existence as a constant oppressive force" in their lives. Some came to this hate at an earlier moment: "When my friends and I looked at George W. Bush in 1999," writes Michael Tomasky, "We shuddered like people who'd turned a street corner, and stumbled across a dog's corpse."

Sheesh! They really are serious.

The thing about this is how much they enjoy it, and how they are never without a focus of fury. Bush hatred morphed into Palin dementia, and then to Perry hysterics, without a break in their rhythm, or a skip in their beat. Not since the whipping craze of the late Middle Ages have furies so strange held so much sway among those who think themselves rational people. They seem to need it to shore up their reason for being...

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