Wednesday, September 07, 2011

David Limbaugh Is On His Way to Nebraska

Here's some exciting news. Author and syndicated columnist David Limbaugh is coming to Nebraska to help raise money and awareness for the Nebraska Coalition for Ethical Research, an organization promoting life-affirming science such as that using adult stem cells. I'm honored to be associated with NCER and I have the greatest respect and appreciation for David Limbaugh so I'm pleased to promote this important event.

Actually, there are two events. Limbaugh will be speaking at a dinner in Omaha at the Scott Conference Center on Thursday night, November 10th and a breakfast at the Cornhusker Marriott Center in Lincoln the next morning.

This is NCER's primary fund-raising effort and they've found a terrific speaker to headline it. So, if you can afford it, please consider joining Claire and I in supporting this extremely important cause. Here's the contact page for reservations.

Also, the Nebraska Coalition for Ethical Research has just changed its Facebook location and so I urge those of you on Facebook to zip over there and "Like" the page. It's a good thing to do.