Monday, August 29, 2011

Vandalism. Intimidation. Rage. The Hallmarks of Public Unions?

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker, the Milwaukee Parental Choice Program, and the students and staff at Messmer Preparatory Catholic School were all targets of a bitter and obnoxious protest last Friday by public union goons.

And the night before the protest the school was targeted by vandals. Just a coincidence? Well, the school has not experienced any kind of vandalism for 11 years.

I suggest you watch this video clip. Note the violent anger of the union protesters, their irrationality and their eagerness to intimidate and threaten others.  Then you take a guess at who might have attacked the school under the cover of darkness.

One wonders, "Where were the 'regular' press who should be reporting the unjust and extremely coercive nature of these union bums? And, for that matter, where were the local cops to keep that smug thug from getting in that lady's face and threatening her?"

America, you are in some serious trouble.