Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Pictures of A Preborn Child? There's an App for That!

It's yet another nifty technological advance opening a window to the womb, another dramatic way in which the humanity of the preborn child challenges the unjust barbarity of abortion.

Sidewalk counselors, take note. Along with your signs, banners and CPC brochures, you may want to have the MobiUS at hand.

According to FastCompany, the FDA recently approved MobiUS, a medical ultrasound imaging system made by medical device company Mobisante. The system basically consists of an ultrasound wand, a smart phone, and a clever app. That's it!

Just like the doctor's office version of such a system, the MobiUS allows a medical practitioner to view, manipulate, and analyze ultrasound images instantly. As a bonus though, he or she will be able to transfer the data wirelessly to wherever it needs to go.