Monday, July 25, 2011

Remove the Kryptonite of the Constitution and Super Obama Could Get Things Done

Though the record of ongoing gaffes, hissy fits, boring speeches (even though depending on his teleprompter), lackluster leadership and overall inefficiency as U.S. President have now demonstrated that the massive ego of Barack Obama is woefully unwarranted, Barack Obama still thinks of himself as the nation's savior.

A frightening example of this remarkable chutzpah came in his remarks this morning in front of the National Council of La Raza. To this friendly audience, Obama not only suggested that he could solve such huge problems as immigration reform and reducing the national debt by himself but implied that the key obstacles to progressive change were democracy and the U.S. Constitution!

"The idea of doing things on my own is very tempting. I promise you, not just on immigration reform. But that's not how our system works. That's not how our democracy functions. That's not how our Constitution is written."

Doggone it. If it weren't for those pesky things, those things that have given the world the highest expressions of political freedom, spiritual protection and economic productivity that it has ever known. Well, if we could just move those aside, then Barack Obama could really get to work in re-making the world.

Like I said, frightening.