Thursday, July 07, 2011

Remember When?

Earlier this week I passed the rather sobering milestone of turning 60 and, among the birthday cards that came my way, was a real gem from a dear friend down in Oklahoma, Janine Lehman. I knew when I read it that I would just have to pass on to you.

The baby boomers will find it particularly cute...and very "age appropriate."

But note, the pleasure of the card wasn't just in its original message but in the wonderful additions which Janine wrote in herself. So, I print below first the card line and then, in italics, Janine's clever additions. You too can play along by adding your own touches.

Remember When?

Remember when grown-ups seemed glamorous?
Daddy wore a suit to work, mother wore a skirt or slacks, no jeans ever.

When people said “Thank you” and “please”?
And “Excuse me” and “May I please be excused” (from the table) and “I’m sorry” and “It’s my fault.”

When Moms called their kids in for supper at dusk?
My mother used a cow bell and we usually brought some one home to supper with us.

You played Hide-and-Seek and climbed trees?
And tether ball and softball and Red Rover and cowboys and Indians.

Remember when “downtown” seemed so far away?
Even though it was about 4 miles and the population was 4,000.

You caught lightning bugs in a jar? 
And some boys rubbed them on their teeth to make them glow.  And the girls said, “Yuck!”

When drugstores had fountains, most kids had a bike, and you had a wish for each star?
And the sky was lit up with them at night and when you looked at the moon, you would never have thought a man would walk on it one day.

Remember when no one had pedigreed dogs?
No one in my family ever had a dog.  We’re all cat people.

You read comic books by the ton?
And Bobsey Twins and Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys.

You bought penny candy?
If your mother would let you (and would give you a penny)

You drank chocolate milk?
And Kool-Aid and lemonade but usually water (Hot days!)

Expected each day to be fun?
And it was.  No worries.  Lots of friends.  Great family.

If these simple things bring a smile to your face whenever they’re heard or they’re told, It means you were lucky to have such good times… (It also means you’re kinda old!)
Which is just a state of mind.