Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Opposing Planned Parenthood: In Print, In Prayer, In Person

In addition to our colorful banners and regular signs (the big ones showing portraits of beautiful babies), when we're praying and sidewalk counseling outside the northwest Planned Parenthood abortion mill, we also use ones that carry such messages as "The Morning-After Pill and RU-486 Are Dangerous to YOUR Health Too" and "Planned Parenthood, the Nation's Biggest Abortionist, Is Making a Killing...Literally."

Both types of signs are important because we're trying to communicate several different truths to the clients going into the building as well as the people from the neighborhood who are driving by. We want people to think clearly; that is, to go beyond the slogans and the meaningless words and realize exactly what's going on in a pregnancy, what a violent and unjust action abortion is, where Planned Parenthood's immense profits come from, what superior choices are available to women if they will let us help them, and so on.

Being there at Planned Parenthood (like we were this morning) is a critical ministry for us as it engenders a greater fervency in prayer and a greater commitment to oppose this evil abortion conglomerate -- not just in the hours we're on site but all the time. And in every way that we find possible. For being there reminds us that abortion isn't just an abstract item on a conservative agenda; it is a lethal act of violence that kills the child of this woman, that woman, this couple. And the passion we feel when we are offering Planed Parenthood victims the truth about abortion then fuels passion to tell the truth in speeches and sermons, on this blog and in correspondence, in personal conversations and in our prayers to God.

So make no mistake. The fact has been well established that the presence outside an abortion mill of prayerful, peaceful protestors has an incredible spiritual impact right then. WE know from 30 years of experience that the impact goes far, far beyond as well.

If you're interested in finding out more about Vital Signs' prayer and sidewalk counseling ministries, please let us know. We would love to have you alongside.