Wednesday, May 04, 2011

New Pampers Commercial Rocks!


Along with the video clip of the commercial which is posted at Jill Stanek's site (a recommended bookmark, by the way), Andy Moore gives this very helpful commentary:

Recall that last year Pampers released an iPad app allowing families to track the development of their preborn baby.

Now Pampers has released a commercial that is simply fantastic.

Where to start? This short, 1-minute video undermines a host of pro-abortion lies in a simple, understated fashion.

1. Ultrasound footage of a preborn child is shown. The proliferation of sonograms through social media is undoubtedly contributing to increased awareness amongst the next generation of the value of each human life, in particular, those in the womb.
2. The ad states every baby is precious, whether s/he is planned or not. Did you hear that Planned Parenthood?
3. Every baby is precious, even if born three months early. That’s roughly 29 weeks – the same age late-term abortionists here in the U.S. are murdering preborn children.
4. Every baby is precious, even if he has a young mom. Oh, that’s odd, because the pro-abortion lobby is always telling us that if a young woman carries her pregnancy to term, her life will be ruined and career over.
5. Adoption is encouraged.
6. Babies with special needs are no less precious than “normal” babies.

The advert finishes, “Pampers believes every baby is a little miracle, to celebrate, support and protect.”

Admittedly the advert seems to take a pro-surrogacy, pro-IVF stance – although babies conceived through these methods are no less valuable than those conceived naturally.

Pampers is 1st and foremost a profit-driven company, so this advert shouldn’t be seen as primarily intended to send a “pro-life” message.

But regardless of the company’s intent, the advert is clearly pro-life. The advert is not speaking about preborn babies but babies who have been born. Yet, the implication remains – babies are valuable regardless of their age, size, physical capabilities, readiness of their mother, etc, etc. All up, a solid pro-life message.

Good work Pampers, keep it up.

Now, as Andy points out, we need to remember that Pampers is a company that is looking to make money. And so who knows what specific motivations were involved in the making of the commercial? Also, as one of the commenters to the Stanek site explains, Pampers has made contributions to UNICEF which pro-life activists would properly bemoan. Nevertheless, the commercial as it stands is a powerful  pro-life presentation. Such visuals pack a punch. Such visuals are memorable. And such visuals, broadly transmitted around the nation, are warmly welcomed by all who want to enlarge America's understanding of prenatal life.

Therefore, I would urge you all to take a few minutes and express your pleasure and gratitude regarding the "For Every Little Miracle" commercial to the folks that matter. Just use this page to send Pampers an e-mail thank you.Here's what I wrote:

"Just a quick thank-you for the terrific new Pampers commercial, 'For Every Little Miracle.' It is a compelling, beautiful ad, one which underscores the sanctity of every human life and the glories of family devotion. As such, it reflects very well on your company. Thank you so much. I'm passing on to others my gratitude to Pampers for this wonderful ad."