Monday, May 02, 2011

The Spirit of '76: A First Time Letter-Writing Event

The previous post mentions a special letter-writing party we were honored to be a part of last night and I want to give you some of the details here. As those of you already familiar with Vital Signs Ministries know, Claire and I have been creating P.A.L. Nights (Prayer, Action, Letters) ever since the Omaha Christian Action Council took shape back in 1982. But last night's party was different. For it was the first in what (we hope) will be an ongoing ministry of the church where I've served as teaching pastor for the last 3 1/2 years, Faith Bible Church.

The event was hosted by Steve and JoLynn Thorson at their lovely home. 16 letter-writers, most of them rookies in this type of ministry, had a nifty time of it, writing letters to Congressmen, state senators, business leaders, and Christians imprisoned for their faith. We also wrote quite a few thank-you notes to the international missionaries our church supports and other heroes of the faith whose work we appreciate.

The specific issues we dealt with included pro-life bills in the Nebraska legislature (especially LB 521 and LB 690), the need to stop federal tax funding of Planned Parenthood, and shameful actions taken by the Mattel Toy Company. All of the action targets came from posts published here on Vital Signs Blog in the last year or so. Those posts always include "talking points" and contact information to help YOU take action as well.

And that means you don't need to attend one of our letter-writing parties to jump in and get involved in this very important, very do-able ministry yourself. So, how about it?

Oh yes; I should probably let you in on just how many letters were created last night. 76. Not bad for rookies, huh? And not bad for the start of a brand new ministry of Faith Bible Church. Way to go, guys!