Monday, May 09, 2011

Mother's Day in Hospital

Spending Mother's Day in the hospital as you try and comfort your very ill mother isn't necessary to make the day meaningful. But it certainly does intensify the day's meaning.

My Mom has had some difficult times in the last few years with a encroaching frontal lobe dementia, heart issues, numerous falls, infections and so on. But she's now in the hospital dealing with some brand new problems on top of the others: very low blood pressure, possible pneumonia, and a heart that isn't beating in synch. She isn't doing well. But she's receiving excellent care and attention.

We're trying to keep everything going around time spent in the intensive care unit. I was, for instance, able to preach on Sunday morning and we were able to host the open house Saturday afternoon in honor of Kurt Oyer's university graduation that we had scheduled long before Mom's latest trial. We are also trying to keep the various activities of Vital Signs Ministries on schedule including morning blogging, presentations of "When Swing Was King," and all the rest. But, needless to say, we will appreciate most deeply the occasional prayer.