Monday, May 09, 2011

5 Truths About Planned Parenthood That America Needs to Know

Charmaine Yoest from Americans United for Life explains five very big truths about Planned Parenthood that the American public still isn't aware of. And since those Americans are helping Planned Parenthood out to the tune of more than $350 million every year -- not to mention allowing Planned Parenthood remarkable access to their children -- Mrs. Yoest believes those facts should become much better known.

Wouldn't you agree?

In this fine article for National Review, Mrs. Yoest describes five truths about this enormous abortion/sex education corporation.You'll find the piece enlightening and extremely helpful for your conversations with friends, your letters to politicians and business leaders, and your prayers. I urge you to read it carefully, even print it off for use as future reference. But I'll list those five truths in their most basic form below to stimulate your interest.

1. Planned Parenthood is the nation’s largest abortion provider, performing (and profiting from) one out of every four abortions in the United States.

2. Planned Parenthood increases its abortion numbers with each passing year, bucking the nearly 20-year national trend of a decreasing abortion rate.

3. Planned Parenthood affiliates have failed to be good stewards of taxpayer funds.

4. Planned Parenthood fights reasonable laws to protect women and girls because such laws might undermine its ability to make money.

5. Planned Parenthood partners with those who sexually abuse and exploit women and girls.

Again, the devil that is Planned Parenthood is in the details, so check out the full article to learn them well.