Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Michelle Obama's Idea of Poetry

The latest Obama outrage is the the First Lady's choice for an evening of "poetry" in the White House. Michelle Obama selected for the artistic soiree a "rap poet" whose "poems" are racist, profane, blasphemous and which endorse lethal violence against police and George W. Bush.

The "poems" are also singularly devoid of any genuine poetic art.

This is the kind of person Michelle Obama wants to honor? This is the type of "poetry" she wants to introduce to her daughters? This is mindlessness of the worst sort. And it displays once again the extreme arrogance of the Obamas who feel no need to show the country some sensitivity, solidarity or even good taste.

Check out this Daily Caller article for an example of the "poetry" Michelle's selection has to offer. (Be forewarned though; it does contain language you'll find offensive.) You'll also read there yet another example of the standard political double standard; namely, how a Republican First Lady was castigated for her poetry night selection -- and she was featuring selections from America's most revered poets!

(Thanks for the tip about this matter to Facebook friends Ron Rizzo, Janice Shaw Crouse and Francis J. Beckwith.)