Friday, May 06, 2011

Criminal Abortionist Nicola Riley Caught Again

And you still wonder what kind of people work in the abortion industry?

Read through the paragraphs below (which reveal only a part of this gal's sordid story) and you'll get a better idea. You'll also wonder why the press doesn't bother to expose such criminals -- even when their crimes are more malicious, cold-blooded and ongoing than the others who are featured regularly on Nightline, Dateline, 60 Minutes and the rest.

Abortionist Nicola Irene Riley voluntarily surrendered her Wyoming medical license last month after investigators from the Wyoming Board of Medicine caught her lying about her criminal background on her license application. The surrender became effective on April 15, 2011.

According to Operation Rescue, Riley admitted under questioning that she did not tell the truth about her actual involvement in a credit card/identity theft ring while serving in the U.S. Army in Ft. Carson, Colorado, in 1991.

Riley made national headlines when her Maryland license was suspended in September, 2010, due to her involvement in a severely botched illegal late-term abortion with the notorious Steven Chase Brigham at a “secret” late-term abortion clinic in Elkton, Maryland. Police raided the facility and discovered the bodies of 35 aborted babies, prompting a murder investigation that remains on-going.

The Maryland Board of Physicians later formally charged Riley with counts related to the illegal late-term abortion ring, and with lying to gain licensing in that state. Maryland documents indicated that their investigation shows she also lied to gain admittance to medical school and to obtain a medical license in Utah...

Again, here's more from LifeSiteNews. And over here are a few of the details about why abortionist Riley got in trouble in Maryland last year.