Friday, May 06, 2011

Bad News All Round: Women Selling Their Eggs Reap Dangerous Results

Bait and switch tactics. Terrible side-effects. Lethal experimentation on human embryos.

This business of a young woman selling her eggs produces a whole heap of trouble. Case in point:

I took a drug called Follistim to super ovulate me. The retrieval went fine, but not too long after that my stomach started to swell, and every time I leaned over I could feel my ovaries “plop.” I went to see the doctor, and he told me I had OHSS, and he then said, “We see girls like you all the time.”

I looked 4 months pregnant. They told me to go home and eat a lot of protein. My mother was staying with me at the time, and one night my stomach was so swollen and I could hardly breathe. My mother said, “That’s enough,” and took me to the emergency room. The nurse stuck a needle in my stomach, and it was a loud pop I could feel, like a balloon was popped. She stuck a bag on the end of the needle to drain the fluid, and the bag filled with 2 quarts in about 5 minutes. She had to quickly put another bag on and some of the fluid spilled on the floor. She filled the next bag too -- in all, 4 quarts were drained out of my stomach.

I stayed in the hospital for 2 1/2 more days while they drained more fluid. I had a lot of pain in my abdomen. The staff at the hospital would shake their head at me and took pity on me, because I was an egg donor and they said they saw this a lot...

The above is an excerpt from the latest in a series of interviews by the Center for Bioethics and Culture Network. The interviews are of women who have seen the alarming documentary film, Eggsploitation, and have thus been moved to tell their own stories. This story is particularly interesting in that the woman was enticed to sell her eggs not only for the money but to make a baby, but then the agency switched the purpose and wanted the eggs for embryonic stem cell research.

Read the whole interview here. (Hat tip: Gina Dalfonzo at Breakpoint.)