Friday, April 15, 2011

P.A.L. Night on Monday Evening!

Vital Signs Ministries is inviting you to join Denny & Claire and others of our "letter-writing team" at one of VSM's longest-standing advocacy events, the P.A.L. Night. The letters stand for prayer, action and letters and, though we have a wonderful and fun time together, the activity is quite serious as we put our faith in an action we know has very positive results.

Monday's list of concerns includes persecuted Christians, a variety of issues in the culture wars, politics, Planned Parenthood, several thank-yous, and more.

We provide the stamps and stationary, the stamps, a list of the various action targets, contact information, and the key points to communicate. We even provide sample letters so that even those who don't think they could do this thing very well come out swell!

We even provide the coffee, tea, soft drinks and desserts.

So, why not consider joining us for an enjoyable and spiritually productive 90 minutes or so. The P.A.L. Night is at our place in northwest Omaha, conveniently near an interstate exit. Give us a call or zip us an e-mail for more information. We would really love to have you.