Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Fashion Wars (Mom vs Daughter) Advice

I will be the first one to admit the feeling of profound dread as soon as I hear the question, “Mom, can we go shopping?” I am always hesitant to enter the teen department and come face to face with the latest fashion trend, knowing full well it is likely a few inches shorter and a tighter fit than what I already complained about last season.  But I dare not let them go alone.  Therefore I look at it as an opportunity to form and protect my daughters.   Being perceived as a “cool” mom must take a back seat to what is needed to assist our daughters in dressing with dignity and self-respect.  I need to remind myself of that during every trip to the mall when it is the last place I want to be.

These fashion showdowns are worth fighting because if we don’t hold our ground now, we will be incapable of fighting the inevitable battles later.  Some mothers say that they have to “choose their battles”.  But I say that is nothing more than an excuse for caving in to the temptation to be the “Cool Mom” in exchange for backing down.  Caving in on fashion now often means caving in on sexual morality later. You can’t win the latter unless you show yourself to be a warrior mom for the former...

Here's a brief essay from Jenn Giroux that is well-worth some reflection. And it's not just parents of teens that will find instructive principles therein. Check it out.