Thursday, March 31, 2011

Walmart Discrimination Suit Threatens More Than Walmart

How absurd has the American legal system become? How far from rationality (let alone responsibility and the ideals of justice) has our society gone? Unfortunately, there are several current examples that answer these questions in the most alarming way. But one of them that hasn't got enough attention is an absurd class action lawsuit that has worked through our corrupt judicial system -- all the way to the Supreme Court.

Could this outrageous lawsuit win the day? One wouldn't think so...that is, until he remembers the utter foolishness of court decisions that have legalized the destruction of human children in the womb, legalized marriages between persons of the same gender, and criminalized what was once protected freedoms of speech and religion.

So look out.

Here's an excerpt from the editorial from the New York Daily News.

The U.S. Supreme Court is weighing whether discrimination claims by six women who worked in 13 Walmart stores can become a class action encompassing as many as 1.6 million women who now toil or once toiled in the retailer's 3,400 outlets.

The question is preposterous, and the answer must be no.

America's legal system is built on the presentation of specific, individualized allegations and fair opportunity to rebut them with contrary evidence. The courts are not to be places where sweeping wrongdoing is divined through statistical calculations and sociological mumbo jumbo...

Two lower courts bought that argument, never mind that the retailer's unchallenged data showed no significant discrepancy between pay of men and women at 90% of its outlets. The lower-court rulings concluded Walmart should have to answer for allegedly discriminating on a mass scale based on the claimants' statistical extrapolations.

If that legal thinking is upheld, then every woman in America can band together into a class to sue every employer in America. No joke...