Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Rather Than Obey Sanitation Laws, Abortionist Closes Down

A telling story from the "Do Abortionists Really Care About Women?" file.

When Pennsylvania began inspecting abortion clinics again (after years of neglecting to enforce basic health and sanitation laws...and only after a change in governors...and only after the unspeakable crimes of Dr. Kermit Gosnell's abortion mill were exposed to the public), two abortion clinics run by Soleiman M. Soli were found to contain their own horrors.

The inspections showed conditions in these two clinics were so bad they were ordered to close until such time as the problems were fixed. Those problems included drugs that were decades out of date (decades!) being given to women, lousy equipment, dirty equipment, lousy record keeping, and a highly dangerous mishandling of fetal tissue, In addition, life-saving resuscitation equipment required by law was completely missing. And when asked by inspectors to demonstrate how to work the oxygen tank, it took Dr. Soli and one of his secretaries 10 minutes to figure it out!

But when faced with the necessity to "clean up" his abortion business; that is, to simply provide qualified personnel, efficient equipment and an operating space that was sanitary, Dr. Soli decided it would be too expensive and require too much hassle. So, proving that profits had always trumped proper respect and concern for his patients, he closed down the abortion clinics.

How many other abortionists around the country are running dirty shops that not only kill preborn children but also endanger their paying customers? You know there are plenty. So why do state inspectors and state attorneys general and investigative reporters continue to avert their eyes? Indeed, why does Planned Parenthood and other abortion organizations continue to work against laws that would merely require a strict observance by abortionists to safe conditions?

The answer, of course, is because abortionists and the supporters of that violent, exploitative industry do not really care for women at all. They care about money.