Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Now This Is Moral Responsibility. This Is Fiscal Leadership.

Republican Study Committee Chairman Jim Jordan is voting AGAINST the 3-week spending bill unveiled in the House last Friday. Why? Because it is merely a delay game that refuses to defund ObamaCare, refuses to defund Planned Parenthood and NPR, that refuses to get down to enacting the very things Republicans have promised to work for.

The 3-week spending bill is nothing but a loaded, bloated compromise with Democrats who continue to close their eyes to the desperate condition America is in.

When are Republicans going to start standing up to foot-dragging Dems?

Thank you, Congressman Jordan, for doing the right thing.

“Americans sent us here to deal with big problems in bold ways. We’re borrowing billions of dollars a day, yet Senate Democrats have done little more than wring their hands for the last month. With the federal government facing record deficits and a mammoth debt hanging over our economy and our future, we must do more than cut spending in bite-sized pieces.

“Democrats control both the Senate and the White House, and it’s time they stopped dithering. We need swift action to deal with spending for the rest of this year. We need to stop sending taxpayer dollars to Planned Parenthood, and we need to defund ObamaCare. And we need to start tackling next year’s budget, the debt-ceiling, and other challenges standing in the way of job creation. We've made some solid first downs on spending. Now it's time to look to the end zone.”

Please forward this post to your own Congressman and Senators, asking them to follow the principles of this genuine conservative leader.