Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Machete Murder Spree Gets No Press Attention. Why?

A 37-year old Salvadoran national (using both a machete and a gun) goes on a murderous rampage just outside Washington, D.C. Three people are severely wounded. Three people are dead. But, after one day's worth of local coverage, the media has turned away from reporting the case.

And the national media never touched it at all.

Dave Gibson, writing for, wonders why.

Why would the American press simply ignore a case in which a man running through the streets of a Washington D.C. suburb with a machete and a gun, left innocent victims both dead and severely wounded in his path?...

Could it be the fact that the man held responsible for this horrific act is in the country illegally?

Could it be the fact that Jose Oswaldo Reyes Alfaro was ordered deported but simply never left and the federal government never followed through on that order?

Could it be that though this illegal alien who had been slated for deportation was arrested twice more while he was considered an immigration fugitive, and simply released both times?

Could it be the fact that this illegal alien, contrary to what both Presidents Bush and Obama have told us…was not “just here to work?”

Could it be the fact that this case may demonstrate more clearly than any other to the American people why it is so important to fiercely defend our borders and actually enforce existing immigration laws?

Or, could it be as Virginia state Delegate Jackson Miller (R-Manassas) described it, the day after the attacks, when Del. Jackson said: “It’s another abject failure of the federal government. Now we have three innocent victims in my city, about a mile from my house there’s a murderous rampage. I am furious. … Yet it happens over and over and over again, and then we have to hear all of these apologetic excuses as to why we shouldn’t be addressing criminal illegal aliens on the state or local level. It’s just disgusting.”

Try all of the above.

Readers of Vital Signs Blog know there is a continuing pattern here, a terrible pattern of neglect and indifference shown by the American judicial system. (See Prison Inmates Supposed To Be Deported Are Let Out In Your Town Instead and Rapist of Disabled Woman Had Been Deported 9 Times)

And why is this stunning injustice happening? Because in the decadent foolishness of post-modern America,  political-correctness trumps even public safety.