Thursday, February 24, 2011

Just How Much Is a Human Life Worth?

The answer to the above question? Obama's Environmental Protection Agency says $9.1 million. The Food and Drug Administration pares it down to $7.9 million. The Transportation Department makes it a mere $6 million. And, of course, to an abortionist, a human life is worth only the $400 to $800 he earns for snuffing it out.

But Cal Thomas argues a person's worth does not come from government or any other earthly measurement. So check out his superb Washington Examiner column, "Our Value Doesn't Come From Government." It's really good. And it contains a profound observation that has haunted me all morning:

"'It couldn't happen here,' you say? All great horrors begin at the extremes and work their way into the mainstream because of moral weakness or exhaustion, or self-regard, or the rejection of (or ambivalence about) certain fundamental truths."