Friday, January 21, 2011

Important Pro-Life Events: Washington, D.C and Lincoln, Nebraska

We're hustling today and tomorrow to get the blogging done, the Top Ten sent out, the January LifeSharer letter printed and mailed, a letter to the Vital Signs Board out, a visit to Mom's, dig out from tomorrow's snowstorm, and my studies finished for Sunday morning's sermon -- in order to fly to Washington, D.C. on Sunday afternoon for the March for Life.

Unlike many of the other years that we've been there, it will be a very quick trip. Indeed, we'll be in the area less than 24 hours. But the national March for Life is an important event to be a part of and we're very pleased to be able to go. We'll have some photos and commentary for Tuesday's blog.

And for you locals, please plan on joining us and thousands of other pro-life Nebraskans for the annual Walk for Life in Lincoln on Saturday, January 29th. Sponsored by Nebraska Right to Life but joined in by pro-life groups, churches, schools and individuals throughout the state, the exciting event begins on the west steps of the Capitol at 10 AM. From there the crowd walks through the streets of Lincoln to the UNL Student Union where there is a special speaker, information booths and more.

Don't miss it. In fact, contact us so that we can meet up down there. It is a very important testimony to our state, to the media and especially to the lawmakers doing business in Lincoln. With the amount of work required to pass this year's pro-life bills, your participation in the Walk for Life is more important than ever. So, come on -- join us!