Friday, December 24, 2010

Re-Taking Ground in the War Against Christmas

Our old buddy Joe Scheidler has, throughout his long and dramatically effective pro-life ministry, kept a voluminous journal. Filled with inspiring stories of Joe's work in behalf of the sanctity of life, those of us who knew of this journal were always hopeful that it would someday become the basis of a book.

We're still hoping that.

However, while we wait, we do have the opportunity to check in to the Pro-Life Action League website where Joe uses his notes to regularly publish the feature, "Today in League History." It's always terrific, a great example of the creative, courageous and winsome ministry of Joe Scheidler, his family and the League.

Want a sample which will prove my point? Here's today's entry, a superb illustration of how the defense of Christmas (and all Christian values) is our responsibility, not the government's or anyone else.

December 24, 2003 -- The League brings Christmas cheer to a firehouse in the Village of Glenview, Illinois, that had been stripped of all Christmas decorations—including the firefighters’ Christmas tree—after a complaint from a local Scrooge.

Under the direction of the League’s Ann Scheidler—who grew up in Glenview and whose father was a volunteer fireman—pro-lifers erected up a small Christmas tree outside the firehouse and sang carols for the firefighters stationed there during the Christmas holiday.