Friday, November 26, 2010

HIV-Tainted Razor Blades: The Newest Tactic of Animal Rights Terrorists

The Animal Liberation Front is a lot more than an animal-rights organization. They are a bunch of irrational, violent terrorists who are trying to end all use of animals in scientific research. And to that end, the ALF is using firebombs, sabotage, extreme property damage, vandalism, and an escalating campaign of terrorist intimidation.

For instance, the latest crime in the ALF's campaign against one UCLA scientist was to send him HIV-tainted razor blades along with the threat of cutting his throat.

Oh, by the way, the ALF has no problem whatsoever with abortionists killing preborns or with the deliberate killing of the elderly and infirm or with lethal experimentation using embryos -- as long, of course, as the victims are human beings.