Friday, November 26, 2010

Credit Card Theft -- And Your Card Never Leaves Your Pocket

Let's hope your credit card information wasn't swiped this morning when you were in a Black Friday shopping crowd. Or that the data on your passport wasn't lifted when you were in the airport.

After all, it's awfully easy to do. A criminal needs no more than an electronic scanner (which he can buy online for less than a hundred bucks) and to get within 3 feet of your credit card to steal your number and expiration date.

And we're not talking pickpockets here. This critical information is stolen while your card is still in your wallet and your wallet is still in your back pocket!

Wanna' see how? And how, for a few dollars, you can prevent this from happening to you? Check this out. (In particular, pay attention to the TV news clip in the right hand corner of the page.)

One more report (This one is from the Washington Post a couple of years ago.) reminds us that it's not just credit cards and passports that are "up for grabs," but also Metro subway cards, building access and parking lot cards, highway toll passes and even digital driver's licenses.

And the tip for protecting yourself that this story suggests is even cheaper.